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Allen Stone

Radius Deluxe Collector’s Vinyl + Poster

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Coke Bottle Clear Collector's Double Vinyl & Collector's poster

On his third full-length album, Seattle soul artist Allen Stone proves himself deeply devoted to making uncompromisingly soulful music that transcends all pop convention. Made in close collaboration with Swedish soul singer/songwriter/phenom Magnus Tingsek and producers Benny Cassette (Kanye West) and Malay (Frank Ocean), Radius captures the warm energy of that creative connection and transports the listener to a higher and more exalted plane.

Side A
01 Perfect World
02 Fake Future
03 American Privilege
04 Circle

Side B
05 Upside
06 Freezer Burn
07 Love
08 Where You're At

Side C
09 Symmetrical
10 The Wire
11 Guardian Angel

Side D
12 Freedom
13 Barbwire
14 I Know That I Wasn't Right

Digital download insert w/ bonus tracks:
01 Perfect World.mp3
02 Fake Future.mp3
03 American Privilege.mp3
04 Circle.mp3
05 Upside.mp3
06 Freezer Burn.mp3
07 Love.mp3
08 Where You're At.mp3
09 Symmetrical.mp3
10 The Wire.mp3
11 Guardian Angel.mp3
12 Freedom.mp3
13 Barbwire.mp3
14 I Know That I Wasn't Right.mp3
15 Loose (Bonus Track).mp3
16 Voodoo.mp3
17 Bed I Made (Bonus Track).mp3
18 Pressure (Bonus Track).mp3
19 The Weekend.mp3
20 Faithful.mp3
21 Freedom (Alt Version).mp3