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Allen Stone

Building Balance CD

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Allen Stone’s “Building Balance” is his first new album in 4 years. It spans a time period in which he had to figure out how the old parts and the new parts of his universe were going to co-exist. He worked with the Grammy-winning producer Nasri as well as the artist Jamie Lidell. Allen continues to draw inspiration from '70s funk and soul with current flexes, sitting amid D'Angelo in its sultrier moments, Stevie Wonder at its most melodic and the production of Mark Ronson at its most modern.

1.Brown Eyed Lover
2.Sunny Days
3.Consider Me
4.Hold It Down
7.Lay It Down
8.Back To The Swing
9.I'm Alright
10.Taste Of You (feat. Jamie Lidell)
11.Give You Blue
12.Look Outside
13.Chippin' Away